I treat your brand as if it was mine. Your Success is my Success.

Strategy Wins.

People are tired of seeing or hearing brands talking only about their benefits or features. People want to connect and feel emotions. What is your brand's story? We will connect with your target audience through visual & strategic storytelling.

Beyond Collaboration

I was always passionate about drawing and everything design. Coming to Canada, I studied business and marketing at first, and lastly, I tried software engineering. But, I went back into graphic design to live my life with purpose.

I’ve been designing and coding websites since 14 years old, and I have witnessed design evolution throughout the years. Unfortunately, most business owners aren’t up to date. And because of that, they’re losing tons of sales. And I mean it when I say a lot. That’s why I want to help you get agency-level quality without breaking the bank.

Stories have always captivated me. Being a raving of anime. I understood the power of Storytelling. How can an anime be airing for 10+ years yet have millions of fans following them? (including me.) Guess what? It could have the same power for your brand. Strategy & Storytelling are the ultimate combinations to create a magnetic brand and grow exponentially.

I launched my Shopify Studio to transform eCommerce businesses into meaningful brands. I merge perfectly minimalism & elegance to deliver timeless aesthetics. A brand with a story to tell is a brand to be remembered. Let’s convey yours together. You and I will become partners from the moment we start a project. I am motivated and dedicated as if it was my own brand. I stand firm behind my values; Passion, Integrity, and Quality. I will do my best to exceed your expectations. Your satisfaction is my priority.

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Away from work, I create content on my YouTube channel about UI/UX, Branding, and Productivity.

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Not only that. I read my first book at 26 years old. Yeah, I know it's crazy, but better late than never. Now? I am a massive fan of reading, and I picked up a habit of reading one book every week. It led me to create a podcast called "Beyond The Book," where we uncover new perspectives on non-fiction books and help you implement actionable steps as if you read them. Want to learn more?

Inspired By Minimalism

My inspiration and minimalism came from Japanese culture. When I told you that I'm a huge anime fan, I was not kidding. Since 9 years old, I'm still watching the same anime (Case closed/Detective Conan). Believe it or not, this particular anime influenced my thinking and problem-solving. Thanks to him, I can help you solve your problems through strategic and creative thinking. On top of that, I'm an active learner of the Japanese language. I confirm that it's not an easy task! But that's for what I live, learn and teach. Let's connect and build your dream brand together.