Affordable quality car dealership in Montreal

Brand Strategy, Brand identity, Social Medias Assets

Year - 2020

Auto au top hero image byimeddjabi

The challenge

The goal was to make the brand look more professional to increase sales. We wanted to position the brand as the go-to for an affordable car and trustworthy dealership. The previous logo was looking cheap. A professional logo and branding were necessary to establish the core of the brand. We need to ask important questions to understand the purpose of the rebrand.

- Why the company need a rebrand?
- Who is their ideal customer?
- How do we reach them?
- Confusion in their logo decision
- How do we serve them?

The current positioning is unclear. The logo doesn’t convey the desirable outcome. Therefore, they need a brand strategy to establish all necessary goals.

The solution

We established the strategy from the beginning on how their potential clients will find them (Facebook Ads, Instagram, Flyers, Signage). We didn't have many options for the logo exploration. We already had a clear direction. A dynamic logo was necessary to fit perfectly the brand identity across all the deliverables. I created different simple but effective template for their Facebook Ads.

Financement 100% Approved.

Effective red overlay applicable to any photography. We want to emphasize the message of "100% chance to get approved" in the financing plan that Autoautop provides for their customer.

The result

Autoautop increased its brand awareness and professionalism. Customers relate very well to the new design, and word of mouth has increased.

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