Reinventing the rose gold of kitchenwares

strategy, logo design, brand identity, brand guideline, marketing video, photography, copywriting, website

Year - 2021

The challenge

In a super competitive market such as kitchenwares, being different is crucial but very difficult. The real challenge was to find the true purpose of the brand and which people we want to appeal to. Being and feeling premium was the main goal for Kitchenius.

- Who do we want to serve?
- What are we solving for them?
- How do we want them to feel?

Showcasing the beauty of rose gold is the purpose of the brand. How can we do it?

The solution

The discovery session lasted at least one week. It was necessary to uncover the true purpose of the brand. Furthermore, there was plenty of information to collect to understand how to appeal to our potential customers. We were able to come up with a strategic name that fits well with the tagline.

 - When kitchen meets genius, it’s Kitchenius

Brand messaging came all together with the initial thinking based around Kitchen + Genius which is Kitchenius:

  - Be a Genius, your kitchen deserves it.
  - Genuine gift for Genuine people.

After initiating the Trademark, the fun part could start; Branding! I created one mood board to convey the personality of the brand. We only needed one round to come up with the final logo. A dark and premium feel was the desired outcome. We achieved it perfectly thru the entire branding.


Either it’s for their style or their sharpness, the 360° rotating block gives a little extra for the customer. They can have it all in one set. We made sure to showcase it in the marketing video.

Fully Responsive

I fully developed the ecommerce website in Webflow, the main goal of the company is to generate leads and bring them to amazon while being able to process orders on the website itself hosted by Webflow.

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