Imed Djabi Records 2 Second Review on Clutch, Receives Back-to-Back Perfect Ratings

This is a guest blog post by the Clutch Team. They wrote an article on my behalf

September 19, 2022
Imed Djabi
Clutch perfect rating by imed djabi

Today, several companies are still unsure of how they would tackle their branding. It is imperative to think this process through and find the best branding strategies and solutions to fit your goals. Thankfully, there are professionals like Imed Djabi who are always ready to help you and lead you throughout the process.

With over 10 years of experience, the Imed Djabi has been dedicated to bringing the best branding, design, and web development services to the market. What sets our company apart from the competition is that we value the relationships that we build with our clients above all things. This also helps us in fostering a collaborative process when working with our clients, which results in better overall partnerships.

As a matter of fact, our incredible process reflects on the solutions we provide and on the results we deliver. Today, we are very happy to announce our second review on our Clutch profile! It boasts a perfect 5-star rating, an excellent follow-up from our debut review, which also received perfect scores.


Diving into the review, I was hired by a clothing company to help develop its branding and culture. Imed was in charge of designing the logo, business cards, product packaging, and all the other collaterals that the client needed. I referred them to a trademarking firm to help protect the client’s identity.

Our collaboration started with a thorough understanding and discussion of the client’s goals and vision. We provided feedback and contributed ideas in order to give them professional advice. I also conducted focus groups in order to get the opinions of different stakeholders and account for those for future strategies and solutions.

Suffice to say that the partnership was a success. Here is the to share their success stories and some of the impact that our team had on their company:

“The quality of Imed’s design work is excellent. Everything they produce shows how client-focused they are; they listen intently to every idea and accommodate any requests or changes along the way.”

Getting a back-to-back 5-star review is really awesome! But it is also equally awesome to stand among the leading companies on the Top Design Firms website. Check me out on their site as one of the best branding companies, and visit my profile for more information about me.

Interested in working with me? Schedule a 30min FREE-discovery call today! I am looking forward to hearing from you.

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