A logo is not enough. Custom branding gives you an identity and helps you convey a story to be remembered  by your customers.


Your logo serves as an identification for your brand. But, it doesn’t represent your whole brand. Think of the brands you can guess without the need to see their logo. That’s the power of consistent branding.


You want to build a brand that attracts your ideal customer. With the fusion of creative Strategy and Branding, we craft memorable & catchy messaging that speaks directly to your audience.

Your logo, typography, illustrations, patterns, and colours all play a role in the development of the loyalty of your customers. Combined with a compelling story, you’re in an ideal way to grow exponentially.

The Better Brand

All what you need to establish your brand's online presence and start conquering your customer's hearts and minds.

We'll use our knowledge from the Better Thinking workshop as a foundation to define your visual identity. Not only will your brand be aesthetically magnetic, but it will resonate with your audience through its meaningful story. This can include your logo, color palette, fonts, social media templates, and brand guidelines.

I hope you're ready because you're about to grow exponentially.

  • 1 Hour additional strategy meeting
  • All-inclusive Shopify Setup
  • Customized home & product page
  • Setup of up to 4 branded pages
  • Basic SEO Setup
  • 1:1 Training with me
  • 2 Weeks post launch support
We bring to life the brand your customer has been waiting for.

It’s mandatory to begin with a strategy before even thinking of the design. I divide it into three sessions to establish in each of them: Your Brand Core, Brand Positioning and Brand Persona. On top of that, we craft a memorable story for your brand.


I conduct deep research based on our brand strategy to create a visual encapsulation of your brand’s voice, tone, and feel filtred through three Stylescapes. This essential step will help us define our creative direction for the whole branding. The presentation occurs over a zoom call.


Based on the chosen Stylescape. I develop one concept for your logo, and I present it to you with realistic mockups to help you visualize how it will look in real life. The presentation occurs over a zoom call.


Following the approval of the concept. I develop the entire identity of your brand in a way that speaks to the values & traits your customers will relate to. Your audience will identify themselves with your logo, typography, patterns, illustrations, and so much more.